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what we do

Our grooming salon is a 160 sq. foot suite ran by two groomers, Chris and Tiffany. The suite has the capacity to serve as many as 4 pets, but we stagger our appointments to only work with one family at a time.

We also offer non-kennel services for pets that are sensitive to small spaces or cannot tolerate being around other pets, called an “express service”.

Our services typically take 90-120 minutes depending on the size of pet, and we work with each client one at a time to create a more personal experience.

* There is no guarantee your pet is the only client we have in the salon depending on other pet parents pick up/drop off time beyond our control (unless an express service is requested for additional fee), though we do ask for prompt pick up from every client.


All pets are kept entirely separate in our salon and never come in contact unless they are from the same family and can be kenneled together.

A note to our clients:

We are happy to work with shy pets that require patience, love and care. That being said, for our safety we do not service aggressive animals. If a pet is aggressive, we send them home and will require payment for the service regardless of completion.   



Appointments as early as 12:00PM


Appointments as early as 8:00AM

Closed Sunday

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